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Change is the Only Constant...

AntiClock Records has joined forces with State51 and Greedbag for shipping and digital distribution. From now on, all AntiClock releases will be shipped from England. The site will be undergoing a few changes... prices will GBP. Please contact us if you have any questions...

- 02 Dec 2013 by AntiClock -

A Slew of Spring Shows...

Martyn Bates (Eyeless in Gaza)
@ The Drugstore
Athens, GREECE

MAY 9th
The Howling Larsons

MAY 10th
Casper (with members of Temple Music) / Kosmischeboy DJ set
@ Kinky Star
Vlasmarkt 9, 9000
Gent, Belgium

MAY 11th
Temple Music / Kosmischeboy / Magdalena Solis
@ JH WOMMEL fort II Wommelgem
Antwerp, Belgium

- 01 Apr 2013 by AntiClock -

Red Letter 5" by frogtoboggan available

We are ever so pleased to present to you Red Letter by frogtoggan.

After a several-year hiatus, frogtoboggan is back with a vengeance... bringing to you this incredibly unique release. A 5" plexi (not flexi!) vinyl album on clear polyresin. Each side contains a single song. The covers are handmade by the artist himself. The sound quality of plexi vinyl is similar to old Victrola records, which we here at AntiClock adore! However, for those of you without record players (shame on you!) or interested in hearing the tracks clearer and louder, there is included a CD version of the album with bonus tracks. This is extremely limited (only 23!)... there is no other album like this... it's novel, beautiful to behold, and something you won't want missing from your collection years down the road when you think "i shoulda but now its gone".

Red Letter was created using sounds from the capturing and slaughtering of farm-raised ducks. This delicately crafted music gives honor to the lives of animals raised by people instead of industry for food...not profit.

- 13 Jan 2013 by AntiClock -

Aural Innovation reviews Temple Music's Children of the Sun

"More of the excellent lyrics by Trench/Robinson ... starts to hit a nice groove musically like the Krautrock bands Harmonia/Cluster etc…and more of the great Trench guitar!! Also, this track is nice and long, my only complaint about this CD is that it’s too short!" - read more from Aural Innovations

- 15 May 2012 by AntiClock -


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