10 Fun Ideas for Hosting a Guys Night


Hosting a guy’s night should be given utmost detailing in food, drinks, and entertainment. Men all they want at a party is good drinks, food and lots and lots of entertainment. There are many ways one can host a successful guy’s night.  Listed below are few ideas one can take inspiration from while planning a guy’s night.

Poker night- It is the great pastime for all the grownups. Guys do take their game seriously. Ensure that you plan the night well. Efficient lighting and comfortable seating are quite important. It is best if you have poker chips in place of cash wagers to avoid any hassles.

Beer testing- Beer and guys have a natural affinity with one another.  Guys will be always willing to try out new variants in beer especially if they are accompanied by tasty munchies. Hence you can keep an assortment of beer on hand for the party.  Also, you can even ask your guest to bring in their exotic preferences.  LTC will offer more ideas with regard to this.

Camping- You can choose a private or public campground to host the guy’s night as all men love outdoors.  All the modern camping sites are quite wonderful with clean restrooms, few noise restrictions, and modern shower.

Game night- Men are addicted to games and it would be a great idea if you can hold a game night at your place. All you have to plan is to keep a good collection of games.

Sports night- If any major event in any sports is happening, you can watch it with your friends and turn it into a sports night with drinks and food.

Other ideas are:

  • Movie night which includes action, horror, thriller, etc
  • Playing pool
  • Hang out in the most happening pub
  • Attend a live music concert
  • Visit a casino

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