10 Fun Things To Do Instead of Spending Money

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Many of us wrongly assume that fun is only by ways of spending money.  You can have a whole lots of fun without shelling out a penny.  Read on to know more:

Visit beach:  The most inexpensive entertainment is to visit the beach.  Simply standing on the shore watching the dance of waves is a fun.  You can collect shells or build sand fort on the shore.  If you take family and kids along, you can play games.  You can swim for a while.

Reading:  Reading is such an enjoyable activity.  You learn new things and kill boredom parallelly.  You can read books or blogs on interesting topics like travel, art etc.  You can also learn new recipes by reading.  There are many online eBooks which can be downloaded for free. Check out this great website for more information.

DIY craft from recycle:  If you are an art fan, browse and try DIY craft.  There are lot of crafts you can do from waste materials like cardboard, unused plastic wastes.  Instead of throwing them and polluting the environment, you can make some form of art like wall hanging or flower pot or pen stand and use them.

Try a new recipe:  How great it would be to try something yummy.  End of the task, you can satisfy your hunger pangs too.

Watch television at home:  Watch your favorite movie by lying comfortably on a bean bag.

Use gift cards/coupons:  One trick to have fun without spending money, is ordering something free of cost from online sites using coupons.  In couponobox you can find plenty of promo codes which can be used for online shopping.

Try beauty tips:  When you are busy you do not have time to care about those dark spots, wrinkles, dry lips etc.  Try using home remedies for improving your beauty.

Blogging:  Write in a blog.

Celebrating potluck:  Celebrate potluck by inviting friends.  That way we can have a variety to eat without effort.

Volunteering:  Go for volunteering in a good project.  You will find more happiness.

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