Day: November 3, 2018

4 Easy Ways to Add Music to Any Video


There is one main difference between a picture and a video – the audio in the background! When you are looking to post a video online, if there is no talking in the video, adding background music can make the video more enjoyable to watch. Here are the common ways in which music can be added to any video before uploading it on the internet –

  1. Use the Photos app on Windows

Open the video you wish to edit with the Photos app that comes along with Windows 10. You can find plenty of editing tools on the Edit & Create dropdown. Select Create a video with text option to add music and cool effects to the video. Click on Music option in the top right portion and then proceed to choose the music file on your computer. Finally, when the video is added to the Storyboard, you can play the video with the new music added in the background.

  1. Using iMovie on Mac

On the iMovie window drag and drop the video you would like to edit. Click on the Audio option at the top. You would be able to add audio from the readily available Sound effects or Garage Band options. If you would like to add your own music import the music to iTunes and select the file you would like to add. Crop the audio to the required size on the project timeline. You can then play the video with the added sound.

  1. Video editing software for Mac and Windows

Video editing software options for Windows and Mac are available and they allow users to easily add a background audio to the video files.

  1. Smartphone apps for video editing

There are plenty of apps for Android and iOS as well. These allow users to edit videos on the go, on their smartphones. You can get the itube for android here.