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The Best Girls Night Out Ideas and Activities


There are many women who wait to escape from their routine and finally join their girl’s gang for a gala time together. When you say girls’ night out people often relate it to visiting the bar and grabbing a few drinks or dining out in a quiet little restaurant. There is more to a ladies night than just drinks and dining.

  • What do you girls love to do the most?
  • What are those things that you miss the most during your weekdays?
  • What are the factors that stress you out the most?

Understanding the answers to all these questions will help you plan your girls’ night out. There are so many fun things to do. If you are looking for ideas, you can learn more over here

Dance Battles

Whether it is in a video game or a spontaneous battle you plan dance battles are always fun. The best thing about dance battles is that they can be planned for groups of any size or even when there are just two of you.

Go camping

Camping under the skies can truly help you spend some gadget free rejuvenation time. Even if you are not able to find a wild spot for it, you can simply pitch your tent in your backyard for a quick camping experience.


Sleepovers are fun things for little girls. As we grow we often forget how many fun sleepovers are. Most of the sleepovers today are killed by the gadgets. Go on a tech-fasting and let your gadgets sleep while you girls have a fun time chatting.

Hit the skating ring

If you are fortunate to be residing near a skating ring that is open at night then grab your skates. In fact, you can consider picking a sport of your choice. It is also a great way to give yourself the much needed physical exercises.

4 Easy Ways to Add Music to Any Video


There is one main difference between a picture and a video – the audio in the background! When you are looking to post a video online, if there is no talking in the video, adding background music can make the video more enjoyable to watch. Here are the common ways in which music can be added to any video before uploading it on the internet –

  1. Use the Photos app on Windows

Open the video you wish to edit with the Photos app that comes along with Windows 10. You can find plenty of editing tools on the Edit & Create dropdown. Select Create a video with text option to add music and cool effects to the video. Click on Music option in the top right portion and then proceed to choose the music file on your computer. Finally, when the video is added to the Storyboard, you can play the video with the new music added in the background.

  1. Using iMovie on Mac

On the iMovie window drag and drop the video you would like to edit. Click on the Audio option at the top. You would be able to add audio from the readily available Sound effects or Garage Band options. If you would like to add your own music import the music to iTunes and select the file you would like to add. Crop the audio to the required size on the project timeline. You can then play the video with the added sound.

  1. Video editing software for Mac and Windows

Video editing software options for Windows and Mac are available and they allow users to easily add a background audio to the video files.

  1. Smartphone apps for video editing

There are plenty of apps for Android and iOS as well. These allow users to edit videos on the go, on their smartphones. You can get the itube for android here.

Wie wird man Cosplayer


Jeder kann Cosplay spielen, und es geht nicht darum, woher man kommt, wo man wohnt, wie man aussieht und wie man seinen Lebensunterhalt verdient. Cosplays sind eine wunderbare Kunstform, die einen Menschen herausfordert, zu lernen und seine Fähigkeiten als Handwerker zu erweitern. Auch die Cosplays helfen dabei, Menschen zusammenzubringen. Befolgen Sie die unten genannten Richtlinien, wenn Sie sich Fragen, wie man ein Cosplayer ist oder ob Sie ein cosplayhero sein möchten.

Folgenden Leitlinien

Wählen Sie das Cosplay-das erste, was Sie tun müssen, ist, eine Liste der verschiedenen Charaktere, die Sie spielen möchten, zu machen. Wenn Sie sich einen Film oder eine Show ansehen und das Gefühl haben, dass es Spaß machen würde, diesen Teil zu spielen, dann lassen Sie ihn sofort herunter, so dass Sie sich später an den Teil erinnern werden, den Sie spielen möchten. Immer ist es am besten, wenn man den Charakter wählt, den man liebt, so dass man gerne auf dem Kostüm trainieren würde und aufgeregt wäre, wie einer gekleidet zu sein.

Wählen Sie den Konvent-die Wahl des Konvents ist auch wichtig, da Sie die Kosten für Tickets, Unterkunft, Transport und Verpflegung ausarbeiten müssen. Wenn es ihr erstes Mal ist, wählen Sie eine kleinere Konventionen als größere werden ziemlich überwältigend sein.  Außerdem müssen Sie sich das Thema des Konvents ansehen, ob es Ihnen passt oder nicht.

Recherchieren Sie und machen Sie Kostüme-machen Sie detaillierte Recherchen und schauen Sie auf Nachschlagewerke, um Ihr Kostüm zu machen. Machen Sie eine Liste aller Stücke des Kostüms von oben nach unten. Von der Perücke bis zur Knopf Farbe. Sie könnten nur wenige Dinge wie Perücken, Kleidung und einige andere Artikel mieten. Ruhen Sie alle, nutzen Sie Ihre Phantasie und Kreativität, um auf eigene Faust zu schaffen.

Zumindest in einer Woche im Voraus gut vorbereitet sein, damit es am Tag der Convention keine Überraschung geben wird.…

7 Ways to Have Fun on the Internet


The Internet is a great source of information and entertainment as well. It keeps people of all ages engaged in a good manner. There are informational and fun activities that can be performed in all ways. The options are many. We have to browse and explore all the options and choose the best among them. Let us see some of the best ways to have fun on the Internet.

  • Gaming – There are many varieties of video games superlative in nature that keeps people engaged and entertaining. We can opt to play single or with others that are more entertaining.

  • Quizzing – There is much fun to quiz platforms that will get you more knowledge and always let you laugh a lot.

  • Listening to music – We would have viewed and listened to many melodious or rocking music on the internet. The online mixing and mastering platforms make it more entertaining for us to enjoy with family and friends.

  • Fun shows – Apart from TV programs there are many fun shows, documentaries especially that will bring in many topics into our views and be a hugely entertaining factor.

  • Social media – We get to chat with many people and share the weirdest experience and laugh aloud with friends in a big community.

  • Blogs – Blogs are other concepts that are getting more popular these days. People travel to the best places and share their beautiful and funny experiences. It is good to read and enjoy.

  • Creative art – There are many ways to get creative in this world. We have been offered many websites where we can learn the creative art and start practicing it to do it ourselves for a fun experience.

The Internet is a good fun and entertaining platform. But, we have to see that safety is our utmost concern. Play safe and smart.

Top 10 Fun Things To Do On A Rainy Day


Rainy days can simply be irresistible for many people out there. The smell of wet soil along with the greenery of the surroundings, really help in making the mood to do something interesting. You don’t like to go to work on that day and want to spend the time doing your own hobbies. But, what if you’re thinking to do something different this time? Well, we got you covered right there. Following are some of the best things you can do on a rainy day.

10 Fun Things That One Could Perform On A Rainy Day


  • Build A Recipe Book For Your Family : This is one of the coolest things you can do, by bunching all of your family recipes into one place, along with the pictures and everything. Definitely, will make all of your family members very happy.
  • Take Care Of Your Hair : You’ve got your day off on a rainy day, and now it’s time to condition your hair. This will prevent it from getting frizzy and thus maintain its shape as well.
  • Make Some Cookies : Who doesn’t love to eat some good cookies, with some hot tea or coffee on a rainy day? This is a perfect way to set up your mood for the day.
  • Host A Party For Tea Or Coffee : You can call over your friends, have a nice chat together, with some tea and coffee. This will be an overall get together for all of you.
  • Take Care Of Your Skin : If you don’t get the usual time every day to take care of your skin, now it’s the time to do it. Use some good skin cosmetics, and you’re good to go.
  • Learn To Do Drawing : On a rainy day, with all the trees swaying, and the puddles on the streets, it makes the perfect occasion to bring out your inner creativity.
  • Play Some Games : You can play some games on your favourite console or PC, and spend off all your time in a very cosy manner. It will also help you to your mind of things for a while. You can also check out rewatchers if you want.
  • Make Some Good Food : A rainy day calls in for a special recipe, so why not take the advantage? Good food will always make you happy and will give the necessary nutrients to your body as well.
  • Do Some Online Shopping : Since it’s raining and you can’t go out, why not order something on Amazon. Buy some good clothes or order some new electronics – either one will do.
  • Reading Books : You just bought a new book via the Kindle store, on your Amazon Kindle. This calls in for the nice moment to start reading and trying to finish it before the day ends.