How to Entertain Kids on Planes (Without Using an Ipad)

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Nowadays traveling by train and buses have reduced so much and flight travel has become a trend. We all love to travel on a flight at least once in our lifetime. In the travel time, they will start feeling very bored. So, what else they will do without using an Ipad? Let us discuss it in brief here in this article.

  1. They can bring their favorite toys with them and play it by sitting in their seats. This will make them engaged and they will never feel bored.
  2. The parents can teach them about the parts of the plane and they can allow them to role play like the pilot. They will enjoy playing this plane game by sitting in the plane itself.
  3. The parents can bring some surprise toys in their backpacks for their kids to play in the travel time.
  4. Puzzles and playing with the doughs are the best games to play inside the plane to pass time and entertain themselves.
  5. The kids can do some artworks as there will be a tray in every seat. So painting and drawing can be made very easy in any plane.
  6. The kids can read their most likely books in the plane just by sitting in their seats. They will get enough time to read and so they can easily finish off the whole book before landing.
  7. Listening to music will be a pleasure always in any place. A walkman or a hands-free will help us to do this without any diversion and disturbance. The music will definitely soothe our minds and we will enjoy our travel for sure.
  8. They can spend their time writing some story even their experience of traveling in planes.

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