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Popular singer “Jewel” has opened up about life as a working mom as well as her son’s creativity who is popular for making bath bombs. Which is an awesome gift found at dickmarcinko. Speaking in a recent interview with PEOPLE, the singer shed more light on her unique and nature inspired designs and how her son is involved in all of it.

Asides from being a singer, Jewel recently added another feather to her cap as she ventured into the fashion world and is now also addressed as a fashion designer. Speaking about her son’s involvement in her new found line she said seven year old Kase Townes loves to give his opinion on designs that he likes and designs that he doesn’t like.

Jewel is quoted as saying “Kase has an opinion about what he likes and what he doesn’t and I find that sweet and helpful”

44 year old celebrity mom, singer, poet and fashion designer Jewel is currently setting things in motion for her yearly handmade holiday tour which would be the second edition in two years. She also went on to reveal that being a working parent has also helped her majorly in raising her son, Kase.

She explains “as a parent and a lover of wellness and mindfulness, I would love to make that a part of his upbringing and it is good to watch him grow and learn”

Singer Jewel is an actress, poet, songwriter and mother. Her debut album “pieces of you” featured her hit single “who will save your soul”. At age 15, she kickstarted her solo singing career which earned her a vocal scholarship to Interlochen in Michigan which is related to arts.

While studying in Michigan, she decided to play the guitar and write songs. She eventually moved to San Diego, California with her mother where she ended up living in a van and chasing her dream as a performer.

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