Testosterone Replacement Therapy: Myths & Fact

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Testosterone like every other hormone in the body should be present in the ideal levels. An increase or decrease in the level can both have side effects. There are several health conditions that cause abnormalities in the testosterone levels and some medications also have this effect. Today testosterone replacement therapies are available. Here are a few myths associated with these therapies.

There are no side effects for this treatment

The truth is that even if you approach the most reliable doctor you would have to expect certain side effects on the TRT method. There are plenty of ways in which replacement of the hormones is done. Every single method has its own drawbacks. Here are a few side effects to expect –

  • A change in the size of the testicles
  • Increase in the occurrence of acne
  • Increase in the risks of heart diseases.

It can be a good way to treat ED

Erectile dysfunction can be caused by several factors. A drop in the testosterone levels is also a reason. So choosing TRT can cause a betterment for those with ED. But the chances of the problem being fully tackled depends on the actual problem that causes ED. There are many who might find TRT to be a supplementary treatment and not a solitary treatment for ED.

TRT is difficult

Gone are the times when hormone replacement was considered as a tedious process. There are plenty of ways in which you can boost the testosterone levels. TRT can be done in the form of gels, injections, patches or even subcutaneous pellets. Depending on the anomaly level and the treatment plan the doctor would recommend a suitable plan for the hormone replacement therapy. Each of these takes different times to show the actual results.

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